TCF573: Contractor Q&A – “I Need Advice on Using a RMO.”

The guys answer questions from a contractor who wants to use an RMO ( Relationship Managing Officer) for his unlicensed business and a young businessman who wants advice on getting more leads considering his young age and the small town where his company is located.

In this episode, we talk about…  

  • Question 1: I’m considering hiring an RMO for my unlicensed business, which will cost me five to ten percent. What is your opinion on hiring an RMO?
    • It sounds like a half-baked plan that is destined for disaster
    • Contact Legal Coach Karalynn Cromeens
    • Don’t do it and go through the effort to get your own license
  • Question 2: I recently started my own contracting company in a small blue-collar town, but I’m having trouble getting leads due to my age (18) and location. Can you provide any advice on this issue?
    • Age has nothing to do with it — it’s all about how you’re showing up
    • Get legal, get insured, and take advantage of the lawful things that are available to a business owner 
    • Build your brand through social media and by building relationships in your town with influencers



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