TCF554: The Sales Show – First Job

The joy of doing your first job is unsurpassed — your motivation, energy, passion, and determination to succeed are in full bloom. But as time progresses, these emotions begin to wane. So, to maintain the same level of passion and enthusiasm, the guys encourage you to remember the emotions and mindset when you’re doing your first job and challenge yourself to continue doing so.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • The excitement of the first job
  • Tom, Steve, and Derek’s first job, the mistakes they made, and the lessons they learned throughout the process
  • Making money while you’re having fun at work
  • Remembering why you got into business if you aren’t enjoying working anymore
  • Scaling your business by taking into account the number of hours you’ve worked
  • Learning how to sell by yourself instead of hiring a salesperson


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