TCF548: The Sales Show – Potential

Tom and Steve discuss the quote, “My dream is that at the end of my life when I meet the man, I could have become the best version of myself. We are not total strangers, but identical twins.” and talk about the fear of dying without reaching your potential.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • Taking action to make your dreams a reality instead of just talking about them
  • Managing your relationships while growing your business
  • Growth and discipline, and taking responsibility for your actions 
  • Fear of dying without reaching your potential
  • Finding the goal of your life and reverse engineering it
  • Being happy and satisfied when you’re on your deathbed
  • Advice for people who’re having a hard time living the life they want
  • The primal reason for starting a business — to gain freedom
  • Money is essential for you to thrive in the world


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