TCF543: Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs with Josh Gadbois

Limiting beliefs suck! They prevent you from getting or doing what you want. Josh Gadbois from Renovista Construction discussed with Tom how limiting beliefs impacted his mentality and life. They also spoke about balancing work and family life, being a great leader, and some sales techniques.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • Getting rid of your limiting beliefs and becoming the best version of yourself 
  • Being a role model for your team and motivating them to be better and keep growing
  • Josh’s mental state before coming to the Denver event
  • Imposter syndrome and how it affected Josh’s self-esteem
  • Traits of a great leader that set their team up for success
  • Dealing with problems at home vs. dealing with problems at work
  • Making assumptions and reading clients’ minds while selling
  • Sales tactics that you should avoid
  • An example of how trust can lead you to make more sales than your competitors


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