TCF536: Solving the Workforce Shortage Issue with Brandon Patterson

Tom had a conversation with Brandon Patterson of Iowa Skilled Trades. Brandon not only speaks out about the workforce shortage issue but takes actual steps to resolve it through his organization Iowa Skilled Trades. Iowa Skilled Trades has been in operation since 2017 and has been assisting multiple businesses with their workforce shortage issues. 

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • About Iowa Skilled Trades and why Brandon started it
  • The issue of the workforce shortage in the trades and How is Iowa Skilled Trades solving the issue
  • Benefits and opportunities Iowa Skilled Trades provide to the students
  • The issue with our educational system
  • The mindset of this generation and the reasons why people choose not to go into the trades
  • About the Build My Future program of Brandon’s organization
  • Changes leaders need to make in themselves to attract students into the trades
  • The reasons why a business doesn’t grow and don’t have employees
  • Things that you can do as a contractor to solve the workforce shortage issue
  • How to get involved with different organizations and connect with schools even if you do not live in Iowa



Iowa Skilled Trades:  


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