TCF506: A Healthy Caffeine Alternative With John Pinelli

In order to be productive many of us consume excessive amounts of caffeine to boost our energy and stay awake, which negatively affects our health. Tom sits down with John Pinelli to have a conversation about replacing caffeine with a healthy alternative. John is the CEO of a caffeine gummy company named Punch’d Energy, which offers caffeine gummies. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • John’s background and his journey from New Jersey to California to Florida
  • What are caffeine gummies, and the story of it’s invention
  • The story of how he came to establish a business making caffeine gummies
  • What’s wrong with the typical energy drink and caffeine sources
  • History of caffeine and how the Spartans used it for energy boost
  • Obstacles John had to go through to establish his startup
  • Importance of networking and relationships in establishing and running a successful business
  • Taking negativity, hurtful reviews as an opportunity to improve
  • Some tips and ideas on building your brand


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