TCF500: Put Your Pricing On Your Website with Bernardo Benigno

The Contractor Fight Podcast has reached 500 episodes, and to celebrate this milestone, Tom thanks the listeners and everyone associated with the podcast!

Tom spoke with Bernardo Benigno, the owner of Barnardos Painting in Hawaii, who is going into his 20th year in business. Bernardo tells how his life has changed since he found the contractor fight and shares his experiences and some interesting lessons he’s learned.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Bernardo’s business history and background
  • Tom and Bernardo share one of the worst mistakes they have made as a business owner.
  • Where did he first learn of The Contractor Fight and how did he end up joining
  • The problems his company was facing before he joined The Contractor Fight and what changes he implemented to resolve them
  • How does he handle pressure in extreme situations and remain calm
  • Being better at communication can be a game-changer in your contracting career.
  • What he did that changed his financial circumstances, relationships, and life at home.
  • How was he able to achieve zero pushback from the customer in his sales process
  • How putting his pricing on his website has affected the business
  • How he uses his vivid vision — a snapshot of actionable three-year mission statements for your company — in leading and guiding his company
  • The reason why he advises fellow contractors to put their pricing on their website


Bernardo Benigno of Bernardo’s Painting: 

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