TCF494: Get Over Your Fears and Start Marketing Yourself with Mauricio Coto

Today, Tom has a conversation with Mauricio Coto of Contigo Group. Mauricio is a home improvement contractor on the East Coast, where he has worked for several builders and settled over 1000 houses. They discussed what mistakes Mauricio was making before, the changes he made to scale his business, the challenges that he overcame, and his marketing strategy.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Before entering the contractor fight, how was Mauricio’s business doing, and what changes did he implement to grow his business
  • Mauricio’s insecurities that precluded him from approaching ideal clients, and how he overcame them
  • Mauricio’s advice to somebody who thinks it’s time to scale the business now
  • What does his marketing plan look like
  • Mauricio’s sales process before and after joining the contractor fight, including the reasons why he couldn’t sell anything before
  • The mistakes people often commit while trying to make a sale
  • Mauricio’s experience working on a project which caused him to suffer a huge loss of money, how he handled it, and how he was able to remain positive throughout the situation
  • The power of being involved in your community
  • Mauricio shares his experience of behind the scenes of The Contractor Fight


Mauricio Coto and the Contigo Group: 


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