TCF486: The Sales Show – “The Three Rules of Life”

If you are going to give 100% to one aspect, you have to leave the rest of your life behind. Life is not just about making money or running a business; it is about having a little bit of everything!

Tom, Steve, and Derek are here to show you that you can have a great family life, be involved in your kids’ lives, and own a successful business at the same time.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How to make the impact that you want
  • Changing people’s lives by sharing your knowledge
  • Marital problems of contractors
  • Reverse engineering the life that you want 
  • The three rules of life: 
    1. Learn for the first third of your life
    2. Earn for the second third of your life, 
    3. And give for the third and final third of your life


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