TCF476: Friday Fails – You Are Not a Unicorn

Dan explains that the fundamentals of the contracting industry—communicating, marketing, selling, interacting with homeowners, fulfilling the job, leading your crew, etc.—are all the same. So get rid of the unicorn syndrome.

 In this episode, we talk about…  

  • We all suffer from snowflakes syndrome and think we’re just super unique.
  • Share your experiences with other contractors, take their advice—don’t feel alone or isolated.
  • Don’t be afraid that reaching out to another contractor will make you appear weak and stupid.
  • What you do has already been won by others in the past. So, don’t waste your time re-inventing the wheel.
  • If you want knowledge, move beyond free content or free Facebook groups, and find unparalleled community, knowledge, and support with Contractor Fight programs.


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