TCF474: You Are Not Alone with Ben Schneider

Tom and Dan talk with guest Ben Schneider. Ben is the owner of Peak Sodding in North Carolina and is also a member of The Contractor Fight programs. Ben discusses how you’re not alone in the business world, getting involved in a community that can help you grow, building relationships, and the changes he has made to his business that turned his business and family life around.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Mistakes he was making in his business and changes he made that turned his business around
  • His mental state when his business was not doing well
  • How he used social media to find the right subcontractors
  • Why it is important to have a good relationship with your subcontractors and what he does to do so
  • How he came to know about the contractor fight programs and insights he got from being a part of the community
  • His interaction with the other members of the community
  • How knowing your numbers will help you grow your business, and why so many people are intimidated about doing so
  • How the contractor fight programs proved to be one of the biggest game-changer for his mindset
  • Spending your marketing money when demand is the highest
  • Ben’s experience at the Contractor Fight Profit Summit in Denver
  • What he wishes he had known before starting his business
  • How you’re not alone mentality helped him to succeed in his business


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