TCF473: Introducing The Sales Show

Money should not be the cause of your problems, but a tool for your happy and problem-free life! Tom and Steve remind you that you can have money, be happy, and have great relationships in your life, and it’s not hard to earn money—all you need to do is keep doing what you’re good at with proper guidance. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The mindset that most powerful business owners have
  • Things successful entrepreneurs have in common
  • Why your business is falling apart
  • Developing the high-performance habits of success
  • Being fanatical about your passion
  • The two most important words in success—know what you want, and do what you have to do every day to achieve it
  • The story of Cliff walks at Newport, Rhode Island
  • Why do some people purposely sabotage certain areas of their lives
  • Earning your potential to find more opportunities
  • The process of maximizing your earning power 
  • The truth behind, “I don’t care about money. Money is not really important to me.”
  • Problems in your life that are correlated with money
  • Your success depends on the people you hang out with
  • The fat gym syndrome
  • To win the battle between your ears and you need to find yourself a Battleground 
  • About the battleground program—a powerful community of sales, marketing, leadership, and legal professionals


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