TCF468: Be Bold and Raise Your Prices with Anthony Abbott

Today, Tom and Dan speak with Anthony Abbott. Anthony is a United States Army veteran and a remodeling contractor. He runs a company called Greystone Remodeling in Raleigh, North Carolina. Anthony shares how he could never make more than $275k in sales in a year and paid himself only 12 grand in 2020 as a business owner, and what changes he made in his business, so he was able to pay himself over 100 grand in 2021.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How bad was Anthony’s sales and revenue situation before he joined the $100k program
  • Mistakes he was making in his business before 2020
  • How he was able to turn his business and income around
  • Changes Anthony made to his mindset, sales process, and business model
  • How he was able to change his multiplier from 1.27x to 3.8x as a remodeler
  • Putting yourself on the payroll as the business owner
  • How his bad business was affecting his relationship with his wife and life at home
  • The 50% gross profit rule—don’t sell anything less than 50% gross profit
  • The biggest changes he has made in himself as a leader in the last year
  • Things he still struggles with within his business
  • Anthony’s advice to contractors


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