TCF464: What it Means to Win Big with Chris Olson

Today, Tom’s guest is Chris Olson, the owner of Pacific Home Maintenance, LLC in Washington state. Chris has earned a brown belt in Shin-Fu training. Chris talked about working hard, staying focused, and surrounding yourself with winners.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Marketing, selling, and leadingand how to know your numbers
  • Going all-in, putting in the work, staying focused, and surrounding yourself with winners
  • The experiences Chris gained in The Contractor Fight group and 100k program
  • The necessity of holding regular team meetings
  • The 50% gross profit ruledon’t sell anything less than 50% gross profit
  • Fear of being underpriced for a job
  • Chris’ experience with the pre-Shin-Fu sales process
  • Why it is important to understand other people’s reasons for buying
  • Setting up a consultation fee for your clients
  • Confidence building for the sales process
  • Understanding the value of your employees and their ability to solve problems
  • Charging enough to have some margin for mistakes


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