TCF458: Contractor Q&A: How to Communicate With Clients to See Whether You’ll Be Hired or Not?

The guys answer your questions about how to communicate with clients to see whether or not you’ll be hired, should you stop working with homeowners and work with investors, should you visit a client’s site for an estimate if you think there’s no chance to pre-qualify over the phone, and some tips for growing your painting business. 

In this episode, we talk about…   

  • Question 1: Can I get some examples of what to say to a homeowner to know if they want to hire you or not?
    • Do not chase prospects, potential clients, or homeowners
    • You should know how your customers feel about the price
    • Know all the circumstances that lead to decisions
    • To be a great salesperson, put your ego aside
  • Question 2: Has anyone stopped working for homeowners and started working with investors?
    • Communicate appropriately with clients to set the right expectations
    • Working with investors is a low bid—they have a budget
    • Investors provide you with a continual flow of leads
    • Residential is an easy place for you to shine if you understand respect, communication, and cleanliness
    • It’s easy to make homeowners happy and get around the games
    • Good relationships are the key—no matter what arena you choose to compete in.
  • Question 3: When there is no way to pre-qualify a potential client over the phone, should you visit their site if they ask for an estimate and a visit?
    • You can pre-qualify people over the phone without even knowing what they want
    • Go out and meet people if you see a potential client for a long term relationship
  • Question 4: I want some advice on growing my paint business.
    • Focus on the profit, scale the profit, then everything else will follow
    • Look at your job costing and see where you’re making money and where you’re not
    • Focus on the things that are repeatable and high profit, and make your life easier


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