TCF453: Stop Being Friends with Your Employees

Enforcing the standards in your company and not being everyone’s buddy doesn’t mean you aren’t likable. It just means that you make the tough decisions when they are needed—that’s what a leader does. Tom’s here to remind you to stop being friends with your employees.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • The DiSC profile—(D)ominance, (i)nfluence, (S)teadiness, (C)onscientiousness
  • Being clear on the code of conduct of your business
  • Befriending your employees is harmful to your company’s future, employees’ ability to grow, and your capability to lead.
  • Keep yourself from being friends with your employees—as a leader, you need to take responsibility for your team, set a new standard, communicate and enforce it.
  • You can’t be trusted as a leader if you’re not consistently showing up with the communication
  • Leadership is influence—if you really want to have influence over your team, you’ve got to build the habit of getting uncomfortable yourself.
  • Your number one job is to create leverage in your company and lift everybody up with you


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