TCF418:Contractor Q&A: “I need help, but I’m moving. Do I hire, or use subs?”

Listen in as Tom and Dan answer your questions about how to hire and how to handle your business now, even if you might move in the future. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Question 1: “Is a Now Hiring post on Instagram and Facebook a good option or should a traditional option be sought?”
    • Example of  what works—@the_yardist on Instagram 
    • If you want to build your team, you have to build your brand
    • Why you need a content plan vs. a hiring post 
    • Host your own job fairs, use your emails and network  
    • Recruiting is a 365 days a year gig 
  • Question 2: “I need help, but I might be moving. Do I hire, or use subs?” 
    • Perfect the current position you’re in so if you move—you’ll be ready vs. reinvent the wheel 
    • You can’t sit still—”Movement is life” 
    • Attack! Build your business, culture and team like you’re staying there 



To have your questions answered by Tom and Dan shoot us an email to with the subject “Podcast” and your question, and we’ll try and answer it on a future show.

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