TCF402: When to Take Out a Lien with Karalynn Cromeens

Collecting payment for the work you’ve done shouldn’t be complicated, even when it’s past due. Tom’s guest today is Karalynn Cromeens, creator of the Subcontractor Institute and author of the new book Quit Getting Stiffed. Karalynn explains everything you need to know about liens and why they’re a great collection strategy to get the money you deserve!   

In this episode, we talk about…

  • What a lien is and why you might need one as a contractor 
  • Understanding your rights, remedies and when it makes sense to take out a lien
  • Details about the lien process and knowing your state’s requirements
  • The importance of having a plan and all paperwork in order 
  • Collection strategies and why communication always matters 
  • What inspired Karalynn to write Quit Getting Stiffed
  • Advice to be likable and remember you can’t be the collector and salesman for your business—outsource collection!
  • Karalynn’s experience as a Contractor Fight Coach
  • Protecting the trades and information about the Subcontractor Institute


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