TCF397: Offer Financing through Hearth with Sarah Kreps

Offering financing to your customers is a fantastic way to close deals and scale your business. Tom’s guest today is Sarah Kreps from Hearth, a company that provides financing options for your home improvement projects with no fees attached. Sarah walks us through how Hearth can help you differentiate your business, sustain your prices and make more money!  

In this episode, we talk about…

  • How Hearth helps contractors close more deals and grow your business sustainably 
  • The benefit of offering financing options with no fees for contractors   
  • The value of learning to talk about money with homeowners   
  • Hearth’s pre-qualification process and how it helps contractors
  • Understanding the financial profile of homebuyers and homeowners and the future of financing 
  • Why offering financing on every job makes you more competitive  


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