TCF392: Always Stay Top of Mind with Bill Reiman

As a subcontractor, it’s crucial to stay top of mind to get the bids you want. Tom’s guest today is Bill Reiman of R.K. Reiman Construction based in Naples, Florida. Bill explains how subcontractors can approach custom builders and why consistent communication always matters! 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Perks and downsides of working in a family business
  • What subcontractors should know about working with luxury and custom builders:
    • Approach builders without being too pushy 
    • Stay top of mind and play a long term game
    • Prioritize consistent pricing and communication
  • Advice for homebuilders—you get what you pay for so don’t focus on price alone
  • Why passion and true appreciation are necessary for selling homes 
  • Details about the Real Build Podcast
  • Benefits of having a podcast as a contractor      


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