TCF388: 3 Areas of Focus for Business Owners with Sasha Berson

Building a business takes time, money and energy and must be your priority to be successful. Tom’s guest today is Sasha Berson, who’s owned and sold several profitable businesses. Sasha shares 3 areas every business owner should address and encouragement to find the support you need, follow the instructions and implement to take your business where you want it!   

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Sasha’s take on the opportunity we have in the US
  • Why life can be difficult for small businesses 
  • You’ve got to take as much pride in business skills as much as you do trade work 
  • 3 Major areas of focus for business owners:

1- Develop your business intellect 

2- Invest in the best marketing company

3- Invest in a great sales coach   

  • Why you must implement what you know and let go of the “I know, buts” 
  • Why Sasha bought a marketing company
  • Recognize that hard work alone doesn’t automatically result in success 
  • If you chose to start your own business, do what you chose and build your business
  • What’s helped Sasha become a better business person
  • Understand the value of raising your prices and investing in yourself and your team


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