TCF385: Investing in Your Brand with Dan Antonelli

Investing in your brand is a surefire way to scale your business and increase your revenue if you take the time to do it right. Tom’s guest today is Dan Antonelli, the founder of KickCharge Creative. Dan explains why branding isn’t just about having a logo or clever company name, and how to build a stronger brand that makes more customers want to hire you!      


In this episode, we talk about…

  • How to know if your company needs to be rebranded
  • Tips for naming your business and the value of creating a positive brand experience 
  • What branding is vs. what it’s not and common branding mistakes to avoid
  • Have your brand match what you deliver—look as good as the service you provide
  • How to measure if your brand identity is helping or hurting your company
  • Why building a better brand leads to better recruitment
  • Blanding vs. branding and how to make people want to work with you 
  • Why everything we do or don’t do sends a message, tells a story, makes a promise or breaks a promise 
  • The power of making a color ownable so when clients see it they think of your company 
  • Why branding consistency across the board matters


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