TCF383: It’s Time to Implement with Kevin and Oleysa Focht

If you’re ready to increase your profits and make sure your team sticks around, get ready to do the research and implement the steps necessary to make it happen! Tom’s guests today are Kevin and Oleysa Focht, owners of Beaver Building and Remodeling. Kevin and Oleysa share the secret sauce of building their brand into a multi-million dollar company! 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Background of Beaver and where it is now
  • How learning marketing changed the game for profit
  • The power of Shin-Fu and knowing how to prequalify people
  • Having expensive prices and being worth it 
  • Approach to social media: Don’t sell your products, sell yourself
  • Advice for building and retaining a team:
    • Don’t be desperate 
    • There are always unhappy and underpaid people out there 
    • Create the same funnel used for advertising to find people to hire
    • Give group interviews, written and specific qualification tests 
    • If you want to stay in competition with high quality—you have to pay accordingly
    • Build your brand-leave your bait!
  • What contractors should stop doing that holds back their success 
  • Pick up the phone and show up for your clients—it’s the simplest thing that can make you successful 
  • Biggest takeaways from business coaching with Tom
  • Let go of your fears, research, and implement!  
  • The reality about the impact of money on relationships


Beaver Building and Remodeling  – 215-443-8558

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