TCF380: Keep Showing Up with Brian Hess

You don’t know what happens when you don’t show up so it’s important to stay consistent and keep going if you want your business to grow. Tom’s guest today is Brian Hess, president, and CEO of the Pavement Group, Top Contractor School, and host of the Perspective Podcast. Brian understands how the little things we do every day add up to big results—if we keep doing them—and shares how contractors can keep prospecting simple, why communication matters, and 3 strategies to build momentum for your business! 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Brain’s journey from technology to construction and the fear that comes with entrepreneurship  
  • “How I want to be coached”: Treating people how they want to be treated 
  • Growing a self-performing company to a nationwide company by focusing on pain points
  • Prospecting advice for contractors:
    • Be consistent 
    • Keep it simple (one-line emails!)
    • Ask intentional questions and listen 
    • Find a way to stand out among the solicitations   
  • Fancy sales guy stuff doesn’t work—it’s the stuff you do every day that works 
  • What Brian learned from 350 morning podcast episodes: The power of consistency and showing up  
  • Your company changes daily—it’s either growing or shrinking in revenue daily— so make time to communicate  
  • 3 evergreen strategies to gain momentum for your business: 

1-Share your story through social media

2-Figure out how to market digitally

3-Take action and meet people in person 

  • Details about Brian’s book: Perspective and looking at life from a different lens


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