TCF375: The One Thing with Geoff Woods

As a contractor, sometimes it’s hard to know where to invest your time and energy to get the best results for your business. Tom’s guest today is Geoff Woods, the man charged with running The One Thing Company. Geoff provides powerful examples of why clarity is key in both goal setting and leadership, and how to increase productivity by saying yes to what matters most—one thing at a time!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Investing your time vs. spending your time
  • Knocking down your goals like dominoes and identifying the lead domino 
  • #1 Lie of Productivity: Everything matters equally 
  • Time blocking challenge: Get specific about when, where, and for how long you’ll do it 
  • Getting clarity as a leader and prioritizing your time by making tasks interview to earn and keep a spot on your calendar  
  • 80/20 Rule: The minority of your work will drive the majority of your results so only say yes to your most important priorities first 
  • 7 Circles of Life: Transformation still happens one thing at a time and impacts all 7 circles   
  • Avoid analysis paralysis and take action  
  • The purpose of a goal is to have an appropriate focus in the moment and not about the result 
  • Journey of graceful accountability and getting clear on what matters most 


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