TCF369: When Should You Follow Up on Estimates?

Tom’s here to remind you that as a contractor you are not in the proposal writing business—you are in the check-cashing business. Take control and stop spending time on people who waste your time and reach the people ready to buy from you!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Stop stealing time from yourself and your family
  • Why follow up calls suck when you don’t pre-qualify prospects
  • 3 Ways to take control of what you can control:
  1. Get your website and content in order 
  2. Use social media and maximize video content 
  3. Shin Fu pre-qualification method 
  • The more transparent you are, the more the right people will call you  
  • 2 Action steps:
  1. Review the podcast to help boost the trades and your fellow contractors
  2. Download The Contractor’s Guide to Spotting a Cheap Prospect BEFORE They Waste Your Time


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