TCF364: The Truth About Trades with Thomas Moorman

Too many people view trade work as a last resort or backup plan instead of considering it as a viable career path and are often unaware of the lucrative opportunities it actually provides. Tom’s guest today is Thomas Moorman from the Perfect Technician Academy. Thomas believes it’s time to shift the stigma of the trade industry and shares why more graduates and military vets should look to the trades as their Plan A instead of Plan B!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Changing the paradigm and finding the right students for trade schools
  • Why value-based hiring can help find the best candidates for the job  
  • Must-haves for successful employee training programs 
  • Understanding the totality of the business and not just the job you do
  • Economics of blue-collar jobs and trade school programs vs. four-year degrees and college 
  • Challenges and benefits veterans experience when transitioning from the military to trade jobs  
  • You’ll never have an issue making money if you’re willing to do the work


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