TCF356: The Importance of Pre-Qualifying Your Leads

Contractors have a bad habit of stealing time from their families and that’s a huge problem, but where does all that time go? Chasing BS leads, that’s where it goes. If you’re a contractor, you know how much time you’ve wasted on leads that never pan out and it probably makes you sick. Tom is here to tell you how to pre-qualify those leads so you can stop stealing time from your family! 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The problem with just reading a list of questions
  • Where salespeople fall on the spectrum of public trust
  • Importance of setting the tone with your spirit of the conversation
  • Expressing gratitude to your clients and prospects will take you leaps and bounds
  • Common misconceptions about the goal of the sales process
  • Where 80% or more of the sale actually happens
  • Shifting the conversation over to the money
  • Make sure to set proper expectations in case of unexpected circumstances
  • All decision-makers must be involved in the process
  • How to gauge the prospect’s level of BS


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