TCF355: Why You Should Not Discount Your Work

How many contractors out there have discounted their work just to close a deal? If you came up with the classic world of contracting, this may seem like the norm. Ask yourself this question. Why would allow yourself to get paid less than your worth? Tom thinks that most of the time, discounting your work is a horrible idea and he’s here to tell you why!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Strategic discounting is different than what most contractors do
  • Discounts give the wrong impression unless you want to be known as the cheap one
  • Becoming price-focused as a salesperson does not help
  • Attracting customers with discounts is only going to bring discount referrals
  • Lowering your prices does not equate to selling more projects
  • Diving into the negative effects of discounts on your profit
  • Calculate what you need to keep each month
  • Discounting makes it harder to build a strong team
  • Things you can do instead of discounting


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