TCF351:5AM Fight – Welcome to the Club

The journey of building your contracting business to the point of financial success does not have to be a solo one. Tom’s guests today are David Szemcsak, Robert Dailey, Adam Copher, and Marino, 4 contractors with differing experiences who are using the 100K Contractor Program to get their shit together. Each of them has been in the contracting industry for a different amount of time, but they all needed help putting money in their pockets. The 100K Contractor has helped each one of them grow beyond what they believed possible!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • 30,000-foot overview of who David, Robert, Adam, and Marino are
  • What brought each of them to the 100K Program
  • Describing the helping hand that the 100K Program provides to its members
  • The power of surrounding yourself with people that are ahead of you
  • Things that have changed and improved since joining the program
  • Robert made a big shift that not too many people could have seen coming
  • Defining what success means to you
  • Not all contractors have someone in their area to learn from
  • Adding a coach to the hiring process can take off a lot of the pressure
  • There’s always another level in any business or program


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