TCF316: 5AM Fight – Pain is Gain with Million Dollar Landscaper

Focusing on the wrong things will kill your drive and ultimately your business. Tom’s guests today are Scott and Katie Molchan, owners of a landscaping business in Indiana. Scott and Katie have spent years getting kicked in the teeth as company owners, and through that pain, they have been able to learn what to do and what not to do when growing a landscaping business. That’s why they started Million Dollar Landscaper, a program that helps landscapers master their marketing. Learn what you need to focus on and go all out!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Learning the numbers for your business will allow you to know what to charge
  • The world just wants an easy button for everything, and it kills drive
  • What a healthy-self drive looks like for business owners
  • Consumption means nothing without implementation
  • A history of the Molchan family landscaping business
  • Million Dollar Landscaper addresses the lack of business knowledge with landscapers
  • Changing the culture in your business can keep a company together
  • The strongest companies are consistent in being intentionally profitable
  • Bringing respect and dignity back to the trades is the mission of The Fight
  • You are the only limit on your business, nobody else


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