TCF281: One Thing at a Time with Sean Adams

Knowing what it takes to be successful is not something that you are born with or born without; it’s something that you can learn. Tom’s guest today is Sean Adams from Single Ops, a CRM company focused on helping contractors put the systems in place that they need to use technology in order to grow their companies. Sean has been an entrepreneur for his entire life, growing a landscaping business from the ground up before selling it. After a lifetime of experience, Sean knows that it takes to build a successful business, and maybe even more importantly, what not to do!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • 30,000-foot overview of Sean’s journey to where he is now
  • Create the right habits for yourself and you can find success
  • 3 key perspectives on this whole business thing
  • Eliminating chaos can make or break your company
  • The importance of creating a clear scope of work
  • How to anticipate the needs of the customer
  • Steps to get past the overwhelm of building your business
  • SingleOps gives you everything to smooth out the project cycle
  • Implement this today to start fixing your business



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