TCF279: Outsource Your Office with Michelle Myers

Contractors have a great ability to go out and do the thing that got them to where they are, but hiring someone to handle everything else is a whole different story. Tom’s guest today is Michelle Myers, founder of Pink Callers, a company that handles all the office work that goes on behind the scenes in a contracting business. While she was just trying to keep an income, Michelle was able to find a pain point in the contracting industry. Pink Callers is able to separate themselves from their competition by assigning one office worker to each client, making sure that they are able to integrate themselves as a business partner!


In this episode, we talk about…

  • How Michelle got to where she is today
  • Pink Caller’s journey from idea to fruition
  • Contractors are incredible at doing the thing, but not everything else
  • Finding the pain point in every vertical of contracting
  • All the little things that bring in referrals
  • Biggest surprises when working with contractors
  • Contractors are the biggest obstacle to their own success
  • Sometimes as the leader, you are behind on some things
  • If they are unwilling to follow your process, they should not be your customer
  • Differentiate yourself with a great sales process



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