TCF278: Content is King with Eric Triplett

If you have any hope of growing your contracting business, consistently producing content to educate your potential clients is a necessity. Tom’s guest today is Eric Triplett, aka, The Pond Digger. Eric was a carpenter until his mid-twenties when he decided to make a shift and has been absolutely fascinated with fish and everything underwater ever since. Eric is an expert when it comes to playing the long game with his brand marketing on social media. Through social media marketing, Eric has been able to grow his business at the local level because he knows that there is one simple truth in the marketing game; content is king!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Eric’s secret sauce to winning in the pond game for so long
  • Shifting from a certain paycheck to chase a passion
  • You need to both care and not care what people think when branding
  • Social media can be used to brand locally
  • If you don’t love doing what you’re doing, you’ll have problems
  • Stay forward-thinking with social media platforms
  • Content is timeless and collects compound interest
  • How to get started winning in the long run with branding on social media
  • You have to fight through the lulls in organization and motivation
  • Empires are not built by posting one 60-second video
  • Learning how to communicate with your clients properly will make things easier
  • The content is truly your sales weapon
  • Openness with people goes a long way


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