TCF277: Money or Time with Spencer Powell

Whether you are a massive contracting company with a hundred employees or are just getting off the ground, you must be able to market your services online. Tom’s guest today is Spencer Powell from Builder Funnel, a company that provides marketing services for home building, construction, and contracting businesses alike. Builder Funnel aims to clip into businesses as their primary digital marketer in order to make sure that they get found when customers are looking for the service that they provide. Be it Instagram, Facebook, or your website, your ability to market online in an effective and efficient fashion will determine the future of your business!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • A broad overview of Spencer and Builder Funnel
  • Combining experimentation with a lot of processes and results
  • The internet gives more power back to the small guys
  • Creating content that helps customers make a good decision
  • Spending an appropriate amount of time on marketing for your size
  • How to grow your business and not waste your time through online marketing
  • Strategies that do not change with the algorithms
  • Every consumer wants to know about the cost
  • Breaking down keywords and how SEO really works
  • Big struggles and mistakes that Spencer sees with larger companies
  • There are two kinds of people out there that you are trying to reach
  • Guidelines for how much money to spend on your marketing
  • Indicators that your website is moving in the right direction




Check out how Spencer can boost your digital marketing:

Spencer’s Instagram: @_spencerpowell_


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