TCF275: Change to Grow with Ryan Amato

Just like any business owner, contractors want their business to grow. With that growth, contractors are faced with many questions. Should they use employees or subcontractors? How do they bring in more leads? Tom’s guest today is Ryan Amato and he knows all about these difficulties. Ryan comes from a long line of painters and decided to start his own business after 18 years in the union. Starting with just him and his father, he has worked his business up to roughly 25 employees, which is great, except for all of the difficulties that come with having employees on a payroll. He came to the realization that his business had 60 different processes from the time they answered the phone to the time they completed the job. That’s when he decided to slowly change everything about his business!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • 30,000-foot fly-by of who Ryan is and how he got here
  • Beneficial shifts that Ryan has made for his business and mindset
  • Positive changes brought about by switching to subcontractors
  • Pain points that owners encounter with both options
  • Negatives that most companies face when using only subs
  • Marketing advice for someone who is struggling to bring in leads
  • If you add value to enough people, it comes back to you
  • How to bring on a new salesperson from inside or outside
  • Determine the net result that you want from hiring a salesperson


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