TCF274: busybusy with Isaac Barlow

Show me a contractor that doesn’t know his numbers and I will show you a contractor that will never achieve financial freedom. Tom’s guest today is Isaac Barlow, and he knows all about the numbers. Isaac grew up in the construction industry out in Salt Lake City, Utah. He worked his way up through every aspect of a construction business all the way to starting his own company, busybusy. busybusy is the only construction time tracking software that collects time in three different ways. This allows accurate numbers for payroll and job costing. Know your numbers or feel the pain!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Isaac’s background and how he started his company
  • Knowing your numbers can stop your business from imploding
  • Leadership mindset needs to be fixed in the construction industry
  • The biggest struggle as a construction business owner
  • Two pillars of success for your business
  • It’s all about creating a culture of respect and opportunity
  • How busybusy makes the data simple and easy to use
  • At least 70% of construction businesses fail within 7 years
  • Setting the targets within busybusy
  • Shift your mindset to working on your business, not in your business
  • Simple ways to create systems in your business




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