TCF271: Stay Intentional with Shiloh Churchill

Everything in life starts with the right mindset, and everything will fall into place after that. That same principle applies to owning a business. Tom’s guest today is Shiloh Churchill. Shiloh owns and operates a landscaping business in Boulder, Colorado. He was able to take his business from under $100k in the first year to over $1M in the second year at the age of only 16. Shiloh has found success for multiple reasons, but behind all of those is his mindset of staying intentional with everything that he does. If you run your business by chance then it will fail. The mind is a fertile ground so be careful what you are planting in it!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Shiloh’s journey to get into the landscaping business
  • Number challenges that come with starting your own business
  • Mischarging problems that experienced contractors make all the time
  • Different challenges presented with running a business at such a young age
  • Stay intentional when developing your company culture
  • You need employees that can fill in for you
  • Invest leftover dollars in your marketing whenever you can


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Shiloh’s website:

Shiloh’s number: 720-951-0365

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