TCF268: Satisfied Customers Are Liabilities with Brian Kaskavalciyan

Right now, contractors need their customers more than ever. Times are changing and there is no denying that. Tough times are ahead and the best avenue to get through to the other end is your past customers. Today, Tom and Brian Kaskavalciyan are back with a double-double, both recording for their respective podcasts. That’s 2 for 1, people! Brian’s company, gFour Marketing Group, helps contractors get reviews, referrals, and repeat business after a job is completed. Remember, a satisfied customer is a liability, but a raving fan will drive your business for years to come!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The 30,000-foot view of what Brian does and who he helps
  • When things change, you’re going to need your customers to get through it
  • Those who are committed to building their brands are doing just fine
  • Why you need to be raising your prices right now
  • Keeping the right mindset is the most important thing right now
  • Whatever we focus on we will get more of
  • How to get more reviews and more referrals
  • Think about the long-term value that your customers are worth


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