TCF266: Drugs, Money & Mindset with Jeremiah Campbell

Right now, you can choose to let the current state of the world, a divorce, financial problems, or a million other excuses stop you from moving forward. If that doesn’t work for you, then you can grab your life by its collar and make it work for you. The choice is yours. Tom has Jeremiah Campbell in the house today, metaphorically, of course, to discuss how becoming present and self-aware trump all when it comes to achieving your goal. Jeremiah has been a masonry contractor since he was 18 years old, building his company through the ebbs and flows of the economy since 2007 to $5 million this past year. From a young age, he was in and out of rehab centers for drug and alcohol addictions, and it was actually a 12-step meeting that led him to masonry in the first place. Jeremiah’s message is simple: look in the mirror and take control of your own destiny!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The 30,000-foot view of Jeremiah’s life and how he built his life
  • Jeremiah’s pinnacle moment that changed the course of his life
  • Ego comes from below as well as above
  • You show up the same way for everything that you do
  • When you make enough money, your defense is better
  • Anything you can make serves you if you choose to remember it differently
  • Success is directly related to how willing you are to be uncomfortable
  • The importance of hiring a great sales coach
  • Figure out your greatest definition of success
  • Handling the different stresses that come with a global pandemic
  • How could this be the best thing that’s ever happened to you?
  • The best leaders are polarizing and aren’t afraid to piss some people off


The Four Agreements

Extreme Ownership

The Power of Now

Drop The Rocks


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