TCF192: Podcasting for Contractors with Travis Brown

Podcasts are growing in popularity and this is an amazing time to start and launch your own podcast! Even though podcasts are typically free, contractors can use them for marketing and growing their business. Podcasts allow contractors to share their story and provide value in an accessible way. We all understand the importance of relevant content, and Tom recognizes The Contractor Fight would not be possible and would not be as successful without the help and expertise of his friend, Travis Brown. Travis is the founder and Chief Podcast Producer at his company called Podcast Buddy. He helps business coaches, influencers, contractors -anyone- to launch, grow, and monetize their podcast.

In this episode we discuss…

  • Why contractors should create a podcast
  • How telling a story can differentiate your business
  • Quick steps needed to create a podcast
  • Common mistakes Travis has seen new podcasters make
  • Travis’ coaching services and Podcast Buddy’s benefits
  • What it really means to have a podcast editor


Podcast Buddy –

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