TCF143: How to Double Your Profits Fast with Casey Fabling

Exploring new strategies to run your business isn’t nearly as effective if you don’t have a community standing behind you to provide guidance, accountability and advice. Casey Fabling knows this first hand. After joining the Contractor Sales Academy, Casey DOUBLED his profit in Q4 of 2017 using some of the mindsets he learned in the CSA group after only a few months. Since then, Casey has gotten more of his time back, his jobs and teams have begun to grow in size, and he’s making a lot more money.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Some of the wisdom Casey has learned over the past couple of years while running his own business
  • Putting a good team together and being a good leader
  • How Casey got involved in the Contractor Sales Academy and how it has benefited him
  • How to sell and pre-qualify potential clients over the phone to save time and become more efficient

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