TCF121: Reach Your Full Marketing Potential with Laura Reale

Today Tom sits down with Laura Reale of Aquareale and Pondtent to discuss how she uses strategic marketing in her own business and how she helps others in this industry to reach their full marketing potential. Laura majored in journalism and continued her education with a Masters degree in Marketing. She is a seasoned marketing professional who understands the landscaping and contractor industry and now helps other companies in the pond world.

You will learn from Laura how a potential Aquareale customer goes from an initial contact to a returning customer. How she gathers and retains their information and begins to build that client relationship. After re-branding and becoming Aquareale, their business did over $100,000 more in business than the first year. The first thing Laura suggests you look at is addressing your brand and the way you present yourself. You should have logo, updated website, business card and represent your brand well. Laura lives and works in this industry with Aquareale and really gets how marketing should look in this industry.

Marketing is all about building customer relationships with clients both past and future. Staying top of mind shouldn’t just be pushing sales. Her weekly tips and monthly newsletter provide useful information, a give and take to build a nurturing relationship with your clients. This not only keeps you top of mind for your own clients but also helps to keep you top of mind for referral sources too.
To see how Laura and Pondtent can help take your marketing to the next level, check out the Pondtent List of Services or Contact her directly.

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