TCF115: Confessions of a YouTube Sensation with Chris Berry

YouTube sensation Chis Berry joins host Tom Reber on The Contractor Fight this week. Berry, known on YouTube as The Idaho Painter, shares how he got his start as a painter and how he worked to make a name for himself (and eventually a full-time living) on YouTube by creating videos on topics he wanted to learn more about. Berry has plenty to share for contractors on getting started on YouTube, the importance of consistently posting unique content, and more.

Want to learn more about Chris, or learn from his tutorials? Visit his YouTube channel and his website.


“Everything I learned about painting was from trial and error.” – Chris

“I can take two things that I really love, [painting and technology] put them together and teach people what I love to do.” – Chris

“The number one thing you have to do is you have to produce content on a regular basis.” – Chris

“Find something about you that’s unique and different.” – Chris

“I believe that the more we let people behind the curtain in our trades, the more expertise is shown. One good byproduct of that is that people will understand a lot more of what goes into a trade.” – Tom

“I’m trying to put more thought into my videos so they just make more sense, flow better, look more professional.” – Chris

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