TCF112: Marketing Like a Warrior with Mike Agugliaro


In this episode, Tom sits down with Mike Agugliaro, founder of CEO Warrior . Mike took his first company, Gold Medal Service from making less than 1 million to more than 30 million in just a single year. He’s now the founder of CEO Warrior, host of the CEO Warrior Podcast, author of 5 books, and publisher of Home Service Max Magazine. They discuss two key elements to Mike’s success in growing and developing a business, mindset and marketing.

Mike and his partner exited from their first business, Gold Medal Service, with one of the biggest wins in the industry. To go from 4 to 200 employees, there had to be a mindset change. You have to change the way you see work and business, and step away from the self sabotaging routine that so many are stuck in. Shift your mindset about the belief of what’s possible. The number one thing to remember, according to Mike, is that “marketing is everything and everything is marketing.” Good marketing pushes away those that are not a fit and will attract those that are.

Be clear with yourself on the type of person that you want to hire. Good people are out there, you just have to build a quality company culture that they want to be a part of. You’ve got to be hiring when you don’t need people and you need to have clear non-negotiables when you’re looking to hire. If you’re having to talk yourself into whether or not this person is a good fit, you probably don’t have the right person. Build yourself a “hot list” of people that are possibly great candidates, so when you do need them your list is readily available.

Learn to work in your sweet spot and don’t waste time doing things you aren’t great at. You don’t have to try and do everything yourself, learn to delegate and learn to trust. Never start your day without a plan, and make sure your plan is done the night before. You’ll always move more efficiently when you already have a written plan to start the day. Be clear on what has to be done and who else can do it besides me?

Find your brand and figure out how to stand out against other competitors in your area. Marketing your business properly will help you stand out against those around you. Not sure of what steps to take next? Find someone who has done it before, give them permission and pay them money to tell you the hurtful truth. Find someone who is so committed to you that they’re willing to force you to improve.

CEO Warrior is having their next Fast Track Academy September 19-22, 2017. Spend 4 days with Mike, shifting your mindset to push your business to the next level.

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“What if we just go for it, and really think differently. And then Tom, life changed forever in that moment.” – Mike

“If we’re gonna do this, we need to find someone who has done it before that’s smarter than us. And tell us, what don’t we see.” – Mike

“I never knew that I even deserved, or there was even an opportunity to have a better life or better business.” – Mike

“Marketing is everything and everything is marketing.” – Mike

“The reality is, if you don’t step up, you’re probably letting someone down.” – Mike