TCF111: The Only Sales Podcast You’ll Ever Need with Anthony Iannarino

In this episode, Tom sits down with contractor, author, speaker and sales leader Anthony Iannarino. This multi-faceted entrepreneur discusses the keys any contractor must keep in mind to be successful, from choosing a positive, confident mindset and determining what you want from your business, to developing the discipline to grow your business. Iannarino also offers advice on making your client relationships collaborative ones to build trust and repeat customers, considerations on when and if it’s time for you to hire a salesperson, and the absolute necessity of getting your content out there on a blog and across social media.

Iannarino’s latest book, The Lost Art of Closing is available now on Amazon, as is his first book, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, a USA Today Best Seller.

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You can also learn more from his daily blogging on

The Sales Blog and his own podcast,, In The Arena.


The Sales Blog

The Lost Art of Closing

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

“When people pick up ideas like ‘I can’t make money because Trump’s the president or Obama’s the president, or I can’t make money because customers are stupid and don’t appreciate what we do, or my competitor is irrational and has a pricing model that causes me to lose,’ we start to give up power because we decide that external factors determine our success or failure.” – Anthony

“When you decide that you want something different, then you have to start backing it up with actions.” – Anthony

“I only want to give somebody something they can say yes to. I don’t want to give them something they can say no to.” – Anthony

“Trust comes from credibility times reliability times intimacy divided by how selfish you are.” – Anthony