TCF106 : Painting Happiness with Josh Abramson


  • Encourage everyone, in every position, to own and lead or teach at some point.
  • Incentivize to bring people onto their crew and how to make ALLBRiGHT the best place they have ever worked.
  • Company wide private social media platform for the company to daily to encourage and share positive feed back.
  • Building a company that is growing stronger and run well without you. Emphasize the company in marketing, not the ownership.
  • Marketing Tips on a Budget:
    • Use your brand logo on your car.
    • Have a website, even if it just a single page, with contact info and personal bio.
    • Join Facebook Local/Community Groups and post specials.
    • Go back to previous clients and offer them a discount.
    • Be consistent. Marking is a long game.
  • What was the pivotal moment when you realize what your company is and stands for to you, your employees and community?  Let this drive your passion.
  • Your marketing needs to match the service you provide. Find your passion and follow through with that every day.
  • Find positive peer input.  Exercise. Take care of your health and self.


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