TCF 601: Learning from Challenges and Moving Forward with Matt Adamiec

Tom talks with Matt Adamiec — the founder of Valdek Construction, an interior remodeling company in Winnipeg city of Manitoba, Canada. They discussed Matt’s experience at the Mile High-Profit Summit, as well as challenges he experienced along the way and the secrets behind running a successful business.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • Matt’s backstory and his business
  • Challenges he faced and encouragement for enjoying the process of the change
  • His experience at the Mile High-Profit Summit
  • His advice to people who are hesitating to attend the Mile High-Profit Summit
  • How changing his mindset helped him with his business and relationships
  • How your biggest priority in life impacts your business
  • A secret sauce to success that a lot of business owners are missing
  • Understanding the purpose of running your business
  • Winning the moments


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