TCF 449: Eliminate Profit Bleed in Your Business With Todd Dawalt

Today, Tom’s guest is Todd Dawalt, host of The Construction Leading Edge Podcast. Todd shares tips for being a great leader, and how to shore up profit leaks in your business. 

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Your job as a leader is to give your people a vision
  • Don’t just tell when you coach people—ask questions. This will make you a ninja-level conversationalist
  • The better relationships you have, the less you’re going to have profit leaks
  • If you’re trying to get somebody to do something, don’t ask them why they can’t do it—ask, what would it take to solve this?
  • “There’s this myth that the leader has to come up with the plan—No—your job is to get the right people in the room, ask the right questions, and then get out of the way, let them let them do their thing”
  • How your control over your employees affects their productivity
  • The solution to productivity crisis and skilled labor shortage
  • A good leader asks good questions
  • Solve the handoff—this is where 80% of the profit bleeds live
  • Ways to leverage yourself
    • Start thinking differently about yourself and your company
    • Design your organization for the future


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