TCF 446: Contractor Q&A: “Should a new contractor spend a large amount of money to build a website?”

Listen in as Tom and Dan answer your questions about how to pay your sales representative, spending money on building a website as a new business, and the time you need to stay live while doing video content for a business page.

In this episode, we talk about…

Question 1: “Should I spend a large amount of money on building a website as a new contractor? I don’t have the funds yet.”

  • Build your own website—it should be the hub of everything you do
  • Some web companies create a full website for you in phases
  • New contractors—put 8-10 hours/day into marketing and building your brand
  • The hustle and grind phase of new business
  • Start small, and get your name out there

Question 2: “How do you pay your sales representative—hourly or commission?”

  • To know the need for a sales rep for your business—work on the math of gross profit and cost per sale
  • Solar and roofing companies—give 100% commission to your sales rep
  • Give full lead to your salesperson or increase your marketing spend to generate enough lead
  • Creating teamwork between your sales and your employees
  • Mistakes to avoid while hiring a sales rep

Question 3: “Is there a recommended time to stay live while doing video content for a business page?”

  • The time you stay live depends on who your audience is
  • Short-form content with valuable information is good


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